Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer …

And this is what 8 weeks of holidays looks like with a 5 day hike in Kangaroo Island with my lovely partner and our tribe of scallywags. We will all back on board in February … I promise! And with our practice in Central Coast opening it’s doors … it’s going to be a busy year.

And it’s true … there is nothing that fills my heart and soul like travel and adventure. I feel so rich when I look back on these photos and think of the crazy adventures we have had.

But … I don’t think it is travel or even adventure that does the trick. What I continue to be reminded of when I have these wonderful breaks to reflect is that the richness I feel is all found in the capacity to pause and drink in the beautiful places, relationships and moments that life presents us with.

This journey of mine has been far from easy but I recall about 15 years ago when I was learning about values based behaviour changes (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for anyone interested) and I did a simple exercise looking at my values and realised that knowing myself well and understanding my deepest authentic needs was the key to living well and dealing with life’s inevitable roller coaster. What I have come to understand is that as a therapist my goal is first and foremost to help remind people to look for their deepest and strongest selves. Yes, there are all sorts of strategies that help manage anxiety, depression, trauma and relational issues but above all the journey is about looking within and pursuing our best and truest self. When we can do that the deepest pains we feel: our grief, our sadness , our fear, our anger; all become so much more manageable. We can face the pain we feel because we know lying just below all that is a life to be lived well.